Peptides have an essential role biochemistry, neurobiology and pharmacology. AAPPTec provides over 2300 high purity, biologically active peptides used in research laboratories throughout the world.  Our high quality catalog peptides are used in research applications such as:

  • Peptide drug lead identification & optimization 
  • Enzyme substrate identification and activity profiling
  • SAR studies 
  • Vaccine target discovery 
  • Receptor studies 
  • Seromarker discovery & validation 
  • Study of antigen-antibody interactions 
  • Epitope mapping

In addition, AAPPTec provides high quality custom peptides with a wide range of scales, purity levels, modifications and labels.  Our innovative peptide instruments, high purity amino acids and commitment to quality make AAPPTec the leading single source for peptide synthesis.

AAPPTec’s products include:


Catalog Peptides 

Custom Peptides

Peptide Libraries

Custom Antibodies

Peptide Synthesis Reagents, Resins and Amino Acids

Peptide Synthesizers

Freeze Dryers and Evaporators

HPLC Systems and Columns

AAPPTec is your partner for success.
AAPPTec offers Custom Peptides Catalog Peptides Immunology Polyclonal Antibodies Monoclonal Antibodies Amino Acids Synthesis Resins Coupling Reagents Bulk Amino Acids Bulk Synthesiz resins Bulk Coupling Reagents Peptide Synthesizers Freeze Dryers HPLC Systems HPLC Columns AAPPTec is your one source for peptides and peptide synthesis.